Why Choose Building Inspectors of WNY?

Commercial property inspections are typically much more complex than residential inspections and require a professional with a greater/more in depth background than a typically experienced residential home inspector.   Building Inspectors of WNY Commercial Inspections are performed by a licensed structural Civil Engineer who possesses 30 + years of experience.  

Written reports are typically custom as each commercial building inspection does not fit the profile of a standardized residential check list report.  Commercial buildings can vary in size, shape, materials of construction, and class which require more than a typical residential check list type report format.

Typical Commercial Buildings we have inspected

  • Stand alone Plaza Slab on grade with metal framing
  • Warehouse/offices constructed of masonry walls and prefabricated roof trusses
  • Warehouse/office constructed of masonry and wood roof structure
  • Schools constructed of masonry
  • Apartment buildings constructed with wood framing multiple floors.
  • Professional offices with metal framing construction


Problems detected on a typical commercial inspection

  • Failing roof supporting structure
  • Failing roof materials
  • Failing roof parapet walls at roof line and failed flashings.
  • Poor drainage
  • Structural settlement
  • Safety Violations 


Active roof leaks and block settlement 

Buffalo, NY Commercial Property Inspection

Unsafe low power wire to building

Buffalo Commercial Building Inspection

Broken/rotted roof supports

Commercial Roof Inspection in Buffalo NY

Deteriorated roof

Buffalo Commercial Roof Inspector